Summer Academy 2015 dates are set!
Mark your calendars for June 15 – July 1.  

You will not find another program like Summer Academy.  Twelve of the finest school districts along with its finest teachers have come together to provide a rich, valuable atmosphere for gifted and talented students.  For the past 35 years Summer Academy has offered an expanded, hands-on, interactive learning environment that extends out beyond the classroom walls to the greater Minnesota community. Students engage with community experts and teachers to explore real-life learning places relating to their class. Individual student projects are created during the academy to share at the Summer Academy Open House so that others can learn about the student’s experiences.

What does this mean for you?  A great experience where your child has an opportunity to explore and discover.  A chance for your child to be in an environment where he or she is challenged by teacher and peer alike.  An opportunity to truly experience a classroom without walls.

What Parents Have To Say About Summer Academy

“My daughter told us last night, ‘They don’t do anything in a boring way here. Everything is creative and interesting.’  That is enough endorsement for us. Teaching them learning is about interesting new ideas, curiosity, and wonder is exactly our goal too.”                                       

My son had a great deal of problems with bullies and other students making fun of him during the school year. Not a child in SA has my son had difficulties with. Thank you for providing an outlet for my son to meet and interact with peers that have similar interests!”

“My child loved the intense information and experiences of Summer Academy.”

“My daughter had a blast! She is a child that does not talk about what happens at school but every day when she got home she told us all about her day. I love it!”

“He was so eager to go each day, & learn new things. He was impressed with his teachers, who seemed supportive and offered him challenges.”

“It’s an experience we can’t get anywhere else.”

2014 Student Calendar

Summer Academy Location:

SA moves into Columbia Heights High School & adjoining Highland Elementary
1400 49th Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN

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